SkinCare2U Own Range of Specialist Products


Dr Jeni's skincare brand, "Dr Jeni's Refresh SkinCare" range is effective and scientifically formulated. She has designed the range using her medical and skincare background to deliver clinically proven results.

Her quality formulations keep the active ingredients in each product stable until the product is used and then help those ingredients pass through the skin barrier so they can get to work.

She uses the right quantities of active ingredients so that skin will look and feel at its best, without irritation or aggravation.

Her prescription products are designed to work together to help you treat your skin condition specifically, as well as always improving its appearance, tone and texture.

You can order these products after completing our online skin assessment. They are available in targeted skin condition treatment packs.

Dr Jeni's Eye Support U Range Includes;

 Dr Jeni’s Eye C U Cream

This water-based cream is carefully formulated with PHAs (Gluconolactone – a skin barrier builder) and antioxidants (Vitamin E) to support the health of skin around the eyes.


Dr Jeni's RSAcne Range includes:

  • RSAcne Clean, a very gentle cleanser with Mandelic Acid to help the skin peel.
  • RSAcne Moisturising Day Cream, a cream using Niacinamide and Ferulic Acid to improve the skin's hydration and integrity, without creating excess oil.
  • RSAcne Night Repair, an Acne night repair cream using Gluconolactone and Vitamin A as Tretinoin to resurface the skin and accelerate skin healing.
  • Acne Spot Serum which targets hard-to treat forms of Acne scarring.

Sensitive skincare is all about delivering ingredients that will calm, cool and hydrate the skin, without causing any further irritation. Her products are designed to work together to help you treat the visible signs of sensitivity as well as the feelings of sensitivity - itching, burning, stinging, tightness and dryness.  

Dr Jeni's sensitive skin SenSK Range includes:

  • SenSK Clean, a gentle cleanser with Mandelic Acid to moisturise and help resurface skin, Ferulic Acid to help preserve skin integrity and Provitamin B5 to protect the skin's barrier.
  • SenSKM3 Repair & Moisture, a very effective moisturiser with Niacinamide, Ferulic Acid, Glucosamine and Vitamin E to improve the skin's levels of moisture.
  • SenSKAge Repair and Antiage, a rich repairing cream with hero ingredients for lasting moisture and to protect skin from damage.
  • SensitiveSK Red - a super moisturiser with the hero ingredient, Azaleic Acid, which specifically helps treat redness and rosacea by decreasing inflammation.

Anti-Ageing skincare is all about delivering hydration in the most effective ways possible. Dr Jeni has used hydrators that the skin will draw in and hold as moisture - working with the skin's own systems to optimise its performance. 

Dr Jeni's Anti-Ageing RSAAge Range includes:

  • RSAAge Clean (Cleanser), the leading cleanser from the range which is designed to clean gently and effectively, without drying the skin.

  • RMAAge Day Moisturiser, a day moisture cream for ageing skin, containing the hydration hero ingredients Niacinamide, Glucosamine, Ferulic Acid and Resveratrol. These ingredients hydrate, help skin integrity and decrease the development of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

  • RMAAge Restore & Repair Night Cream, a night cream to plump and smooth the skin with the following hero ingredients to prevent fine lines and wrinkles: Glycolic Acid, Glucosamine (see above) and Tretinoin.

Treating hyperpigmentation is about protecting the skin, preventing the abnormal transfer of pigment and correcting abnormal pigment production. Dr Jeni's range of products contain powerhouse ingredients that do multiple things at once.

Dr Jeni's Hyperpigmentation Treatment NoTHanQ Range includes:

Dr Jeni is encouraging you to get off the HQ [Hydroquinone]. Hydroquinone is best used for a maximum of 3 months to avoid complications such ochronosis

NoTHanQ Night Cream, a cream featuring Azaleic Acid and Vitamin A at Trentinoin. Azaleic Acid treats Acne and is helpful in preventing hyperpigmentation and Vitamin A at Trentinoin reduces the transport of abnormal pigment to skin cells.


Dr Jeni's HQRD Range, a range for short-term use treating hyperpigmentation includes:

HQRD Product, High power pigmentation cream specially formulated with Hydroquinone, Vitamin A and other super ingredients for short term high quality results.


 Dr Jeni's Pre-Peel Prep Range 

Dr Jeni has developed two products to carefully help your skin prepare for chemical peels, reducing the risk of PIH [post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation]. These products ensure the best possible outcome. 

These products are sold in Treatment Packs ranging from just the Essentials all the way to Intensive depending on your skin care needs.

And remember, SkinCare2U is more than a skin care shop - this is a revolutionary model of delivering personalised skin care directly to the savvy clients who would like to take their skin care to the next level.